Who We Are

Element Integrity Group is built on a foundation of PEOPLE, SAFETY, INTEGRITY, and VALUE with an unwavering focus on client satisfaction.

Element Integrity Group (EIG) is a mechanical integrity services and NDT provider to the petrochemical industry. EIG has a broad service offering which consists of consulting, program implementation, inspection, verification and testing. At Element, we pride ourselves in having the ability to customize our services to fit the needs of individual clients. Whether it’s the utilization of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) or advanced testing applications such as Guided Wave (GUL), we aggressively seek value added solutions for our clients. We view our client relationships as long term strategic partnerships, not event driven transactions.


EIG was formed in 2012 to capture a significant service gap in the inspection and testing industry created by large multinational firms acquiring smaller US based companies. EIG’s vision was to create a company that offered a diverse service offering while retaining the customer focus of a smaller organization. 

The foundation of EIG is built upon four pillars:

  1. People       “employer of choice”
  2. Safety        “uncompromising and proactive”
  3. Integrity      “unwavering commitment”
  4. Value          “innovative, tailored and flexible approach to business”


As the “employer of choice” in the industry, EIG can attract and retain highly specialized and key personnel. This is critical in an industry that is challenged by high turnover rates and the continuing exit of high level talent through retirement. EIG invests heavily in the training of personnel and ongoing mentorship programs. A testament to our success with people is that many of our clients choose to work with Element in consulting roles post corporate retirement. EIG has a very tenured and diverse workforce of senior MI specialist, engineers, metallurgists and certified inspectors.


Element’s commitment to safety is paramount in every aspect of our operations and is a cornerstone of our foundation. Safe work practices and a committed, well trained staff ensure the culture and attitude towards safety exceed industry standards. Element’s safety and health program aligns with the best practices of our industry clients. To ensure the success of our HSE program we embrace and exemplify the proper attitudes towards safe work, injury and illness prevention along with high consideration to our environment and each other.  This requires commitment and cooperation in all safety and health matters, not only between supervisors and employees, but also between employees and their co-workers and our clients. Only through such a cooperative effort can an effective safety and health program be established and preserved. This is the culture we strive to embody.

The safety and health of every employee is the highest priority within our organization. Management accepts responsibility for providing a safe working environment and employees are expected to take responsibility for performing work in accordance with safe standards and practices.  Element’s commitment to safety is paramount in everything we do. Safe work practices and a committed, well-trained staff provide the vehicle for ensuring zero tolerance is the expectation. Safely delivering our services is core to our commitment to our personnel and clients.


EIG has an unwavering commitment to integrity as represented by our name, Element Integrity Group. Webster defines integrity as "1 : firm adherence to a code of especially moral or artistic values : incorruptibility. 2 : an unimpaired condition : soundness. 3 : the quality or state of being complete or undivided : completeness." 

Element management and team members recognize the requirement for integrity is not only a core value but defines who we are as a company. 


EIG is continuously working to add value through innovation and a flexible approach to business. We recognize that not all client assets, procedures or goals are alike. EIG strives to introduce new technologies and work processes to our clients that add value to their individual programs. EIG promotes interactive bi-directional communication with our clients to ensure their expectations are being met. We tailor our services to individual work scopes to achieve client requirements and goals, providing the most value we can for our client’s budget.