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Coating Scan Technology

Coating Scan Technology, known as C-Scan, is a unique and efficient attenuation survey that identifies issues with buried pipe coatings. It is a very effective quality assurance technique when employed for recently installed and buried piping or can be utilized at any stage to confirm that your pipeline coating is in acceptable condition.

Unlike voltage gradient measuring systems such as CIS, DCVG, and ACVG, the Coating Scan detector unit does not require electrical contact with the Coating Scan Signal Generator, the pipeline, or with the ground. The speed and efficiency of the survey is virtually unaffected by the type of material covering the pipeline. This provides EIG the ability to measure the integrity of pipelines coatings across roadways and river crossings as well as through road bores in casing.  This is not capable with many competing technologies.

With an ability to survey up to 8-10 miles of buried piping per day with a two-man crew, C-scan has proven to be both effective and less costly than traditional techniques. This is a great technology for post install coating quality assurance for underground piping as well as PHMSA and DOT compliance requirements.

Coating Scan Technology system is comprised of:

  • A signal generator: output pure sine wave at 937.5 Hz
  • Detector Unit: does not require electrical contact with ground or signal generator
  • Proprietary DECAPP software: in field analysis capability

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