Mechanical Integrity

The cornerstone of every effective Process Safety Management program is the same cornerstone that Element Integrity Group’s portfolio was built from. Read More

Construction Services

Element Integrity Group cemented itself into the industry with our ability to support large and wide-ranging QA/QC programs on construction projects. Read More

Technical Services

Element Integrity Group has an ever-growing professional staff consisting of metallurgist, mechanical and computer science engineers, physical chemist, Sr inspectors, and draftsman with experience in the upstream, downstream, midstream, chemical and nuclear industries. Read More

Automated Ultrasonic Testing

AUT (Automated Ultrasonic Testing) provides our clients with advanced ultrasonic technologies that enhance our ability to detect discontinuities such as cracks or flaws and thereby determine component quality with faster defect interpretation. Read More

Coating Scan Technology

Coating Scan Technology, known as C-Scan, is a unique and efficient attenuation survey that identifies issues with buried pipe coatings. Read More

Guided Wave Testing

Guided wave technology offers the ability to screen long sections of piping for defects while in service. Read More

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing (PAUT)

Phased Array Ultrasonic Testing offer technology that allows multiple ultrasonic waves to be generated instantly through a specialized multi element probe. Read More

Positive Material Identification (PMI)

Positive Material Identification provides the ability to analyze metallic alloys to determine the composition of its elements. Read More

Thermography (Infrared Imaging)

Thermography or infrared imaging can be used to measure the temperature of large areas from the sky or small electrical junction boxes up close. Read More

Lidar Scanning

Traveling at the speed of light, lidar scanning is a high speed and highly accurate technology for scanning your equipment. Read More

Unmanned Aerial System (UAS)

EIG’s UAS services allow existing inspection methods to reach new heights and for new services to be envisioned that were not possible from the ground. Read More

Failure Analysis

Failure analysis is a method or process of collecting and analyzing data to determine the cause of a failure with a goal of defining the corrective action. Read More

Fitness for Service Level II Calculations (FFS Level II)

Fitness-For-Service ( FFS ) assessments are quantitative engineering evaluations that are performed to demonstrate the structural integrity of an in-service component that may contain a flaw or damage, or that may be operating under a specific condition that might cause a failure. Read More


Inspektrx - Inspections to metrics Read More